Bad Credit Car Dealership in Elyria, OH

Great Lakes Honda West Elyria OH

At Great Lakes Honda West in Elyria, we are passionate about supporting each of our customers with the purchase of their next vehicle. We understand that life often throws unexpected curveballs, and these issues can sometimes wreak havoc on your finances. A less-than-perfect credit score, however, should not prevent you from driving home in a new Honda.

A Car Lot for Real People

A select few people have a credit score above 800, but average drivers in the Elyria area often have a few blips on their credit report. We are proud to be the auto dealership that serves real people. Like you, we are real drivers who have suffered the effects of life’s curveballs from time to time. The ability to buy a new Honda may be within your reach at our dealership because we are the go-to auto dealership in the area for drivers with bad credit.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

Whether you have your eye on a new Civic, a CR-V, or another model, we will help you to line up an auto loan for your purchase. Other dealerships may limit your loan amount to $10,000 if you have bad credit. Others may tell you that you only qualify for an astronomical interest rate. We want you to enjoy driving your new Honda without regrets, so we will do our part to help you set up a bad credit auto loan that is compatible with your budget.

Seeking Car Dealerships That Work with Bad Credit in Ohio? You Only Need One: Us

At Great Lakes Honda West, we do more than proclaim to be a bad credit auto dealership. We stand behind this claim by consistently providing all of our customers with excellent customer service, our full support for model selection, and the auto loan process. We happily offer real solutions to get behind the wheel of the Honda that you want. To inquire about our models and to learn about your financing options, contact us today.


Do you offer in-house insurance services?
Yes, we offer in-house insurance with Allstate, so you're always in good hands!

Are you a Capital One dealer? Who are your lenders?
Through our website, you can get approved for financing by Capital One. However, they are not the only banking entity that we use. We have nearly 30 options for banks, so that everyone has a shot at being approved. If you have a specific idea of a bank that might work well for you or one you've had good dealings with in the past, let us know.

Do you beat USAA and other credit unions?
The rates we get for you will depend on your specific financial situation, needs, and credit history. What we offer is usually incredibly competitive and fits your personal circumstances.

Do you approve everyone?
We practice applicable fair lending laws, ensuring those with the appropriate credit histories and incomes can access approvals. Some individuals might end up needing to put down a bigger payment up front than others, depending on the credit history and varying factors. In addition to an assessment of your credit history, we typically look at your paystubs, proof of residency, and driver's license before we issue a loan status. If you are currently behind on any payments for credit cards, other auto loans, or if you are a temp employee, this could impact your loan status.

Do you have any perks?
If you have the Great Lakes license plate border, you can access free car washes from us! Otherwise, we are committed to helping people repair their credit by giving everyone a chance to reestablish good credit and develop good financial habits that will positively impact their credit score.