Every year, the EPA establishes fuel-efficiency ratings for all American cars, and guess which carmaker the EPA declared to be the most fuel-efficient brand in America? Chances are you said Honda and chances are even better you’re absolutely right. While a lot of carmakers are suddenly trying to burnish their fuel-efficiency credentials, the EPA has announced that Honda is the most efficient full-line carmaker in America for the last 40 years.

Honda’s commitment to fuel efficiency wasn’t born yesterday

While a lot of carmakers seemed to forget about fuel economy in the era of ultra-low gas prices, Honda has been consistently producing cars, trucks and SUVs that get the most from every gallon of gas. A good example is the versatile 2022 Honda CR-V, an SUV that’s the most popular vehicle Honda makes. The gasoline-powered version can get up to 38 mpg on highways around North Olmstead and Middleberg, OH.

Here’s to other stylish Honda gas-savers

The Honda Civic is another Honda model that’s been saving drivers’ gas money for many years. The 2022 Honda Civic EX edition gets a lofty 33 mpg in the city – where fuel economy is hard to come by – and an even loftier 42 mpg out on the highway. The 2022 Honda Accord also does well, getting as much as 38 miles with every gallon on the highway. The Honda Accord Hybrid can hit 48 mpg and the Honda Insight soars up to 55 mpg.

Get a great Honda gas-saver from Great Lakes Honda West

Honda has a lot of ways to help you stretch your fuel dollars farther. We also have a lot of different choices to help you accomplish amost anything you have in mind. You can get the hauling capabilities of a new 2022 Honda Ridgeline or the roominess and family-friendliness of a Honda Odyssey minivan. No matter what you choose, you’ll also get Honda fuel efficiency when you buy at Great Lakes Honda West in Elyria, OH.